Why Seek Therapy?

There are few things more difficult than being in a relationship that is unraveling — whether it’s with your child, your teenager or your partner. It’s often so discouraging, especially when it  feels like you’ve tried everything, and nothing has worked.

But there can be hope. If you’re struggling with issues with someone else–or within yourself– know that it is possible to find a way through the pain and to a better place.

Psychological Services Provided:

1. Individual Therapy

2. Therapy for Adolescents

3 .Pre-Marital and Couples Counseling

Treatment for:


What is the Process of Therapy?

Entering therapy can bring about a great deal of relief and hope for the future, with the knowledge that that things can get better and that you are getting the support you need. Collaboration is an essential aspect of therapy, and I strive to form a strong, trusting relationship with each client.

The goal of therapy is typically to help you live your life in a way that is adaptive, fulfilling, and in line with your personal beliefs. During our first few sessions, we’ll discuss your background history, what brings you to therapy, and how you wish to benefit from therapy. I’ll work with you to outline a treatment plan that addresses your concerns, and tell you about how I work and how I will help you.

Throughout the course of therapy, we will regularly evaluate progress by discussing what is working well while also addressing any concerns that may arise. Part of my job is to challenge you to begin to implement new ways of thinking about your problems, new ways of being in relationships, and new ways of approaching patterns in your life.

There are a number of evidence-based treatment modalities that can be used for therapy. My treatment approach includes interpersonal therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and emotion-focused therapy.

Change occurs through insight as well as practical information about how to best make the changes you’re seeking. Sometimes this includes doing therapy exercises or journaling between sessions, and working on building specific skills such as communication or emotional regulation.


Therapy Fees

Sessions are typically held once a week. Individual sessions are usually 55-60 minutes. For couples, I sometimes recommend the longer 75 or 90 minute session. We may modify how often we meet according to your needs.

55 minute session: $180

75 minute session: $240

90 minute session: $280

Payment in full is due at the beginning of the session. You may pay me directly by cash or check.

Managed Care and Insurance Panels

After careful consideration, I made the decision not to be a provider for any managed care programs. Being a provider would mean that I would be employed by the insurance company instead of working directly (and privately) for you.

Many clients prefer to work with a therapist outside of their insurance plans for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • You hold a greater degree of privacy and confidentiality, since I am not required to share a great deal of your personal information with the insurance companies.
  • We are not limited to a pre-set number of sessions or certain treatment protocols that are determined by the insurance companies in order to control their costs.
  • By working privately with me, we can decide together on the methods we will use and the length of time we will work together, rather than having these decisions made by a third party.

Out of Network Insurance

You may call your insurance provider to determine if they will work with me as an out of network provider. Upon request, I will provide you with a monthly statement, which you can submit to your insurance company. If you are permitted by your plan to work with me out of your network, you will receive reimbursement according to your plan’s provisions. When you call your provider, the following questions are a helpful guide:

  • Does my plan include mental health insurance benefits?
  • What is my deductible and has it been met?
  • How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?
  • What are my out-of-network benefits?


Shannon Kolakowski, PsyD  WA License PY60190812